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Report: Climate Change Related Investment Trends

With the help of Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support, the NEDO Silicon Valley Office released a report on 気候変動関連の投資動向調査 (Climate Change Related Investment Trends).

*The report is in Japanese only.

Background Information

With increasing global awareness of the need to respond to climate change, companies are intensifying their efforts to address this pressing issue. Consequently, investment activities in startups and new technologies within related fields are gaining momentum. However, it is important to note that climate change-related activities differ from investments in other sectors, as they require long-term commitments and are often confronted with technological challenges.

Therefore, it is crucial to consider specific factors when engaging in investment activities in this domain. This study aims to shed light on the overall investment trends in climate change-related fields and highlight the innovative initiatives undertaken by global companies in response to the accelerating global trend towards decarbonization. By providing a comprehensive overview of investment patterns in relevant sectors and presenting examples of advanced efforts made by global companies, this report seeks to inform and inspire Japanese stakeholders. The ultimate goal of this project's first phase is to contribute to the advancement of climate change investment in Japan.

As part of a series, this report will examine investment trends in climate change and showcase case studies involving investments made by global companies in startups. It will delve into the investment patterns observed within the climate change arena and highlight specific instances where global companies have actively supported startups. By presenting these case examples, the report aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the current landscape of climate change investments and startups worldwide.

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