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Silicon Valley Immersion Program





A Support Program for Startups Aiming to Enter the U.S. Market

NEDO offers a training program for entrepreneurs who are looking to make an international impact. Despite the increasing focus on entrepreneurship in Japan, there is still a lack of world-class entrepreneurs compared to those in the U.S. and Europe. This program launched in 2016 in order to draw from the established Silicon Valley ecosystem, where ambitious entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe collaborate and network. By connecting with this community, participants gain invaluable insight and opportunities to step into the spotlight on a global stage and launch successful, world-class businesses.


  • 国内研修:約1週間、NEDO本部にて米国展開のためのビジネスモデルとピッチ研修
  • シリコンバレー研修:約1週間、企業訪問、投資家との面談、ビジネスエキスパートによるメンタリングを行ったあと、現地投資家、大企業、スタートアップなどの聴衆前でピッチを実施

The Program

The program is held over a few weeks with a week of training in Tokyo (NEDO Headquarters) and a week in Silicon Valley. Participants will be learning about the US business model, training on creating and delivering pitches, working with mentors, and presenting at “Pitch Night” in Silicon Valley


Day 1

・Introduction to the Program and the Team
・Review of the Agenda and Assignments
・Lecture: The Global Entrepreneur Mindset

・Lecture: How to Pitch to the Silicon Valley

・Initial Practice Pitch

・Lecture & Discussion: Business Model Localization
・Coaching / Mentoring Sessions 
・Individual Work

Day 2

・Lecture: Talking to Investors -Their Mindset
・A Model Pitch
・Discussion: Market Entry Strategy

・Coaching / Mentoring  Sessions
・Individual Work

Day 3

・Lecture: Pitching to Investors and VCs

・Communications and Etiquette

・Coaching / Mentoring Sessions
・Workshop: Introducing the Company and Interacting with People

 in a Fast-Paced Environment

Day 4

・Tips on Approaching People / Arranging Meetings
・Office Hours and Pitch Practice


Day 1

・Lecture: Setting Up Shop in the US
・Coaching / Mentoring Sessions
・Customer Development
・Lecture: Global Ready Strategy

Day 2

・Coaching / Mentoring Sessions
・Lecture: How to Raise Capital in Silicon Valley
・Lecture & Workshop: Growth Story

Day 3

・Company Visit
・VC Luncheon 
・Coaching / Mentoring sessions
・Lecture & Workshop: Starting as a International Startup

Day 4

・Lecture & Workshop: Growth Strategy
・Lecture: Generating Your First International Sale
・Lecture: Effective Business Development Strategy
・Investor Relationships
・Pitch Revisions and Feedback
・Pitch Night

Day 5

・Coaching / Mentoring sessions

​・University Lab Visit


  • 環境・エネルギー、電子・情報通信、IoT、バイオ・ヘルスケア、医療機器、機械システム、航空宇宙、ロボット、材料・ナノテクノロジー等の「技術」を活用するベンチャー企業
  • 米国においてもしくはグローバルに事業展開を目指している技術系ベンチャーであること
  • 英語でのプレゼンテーション、コミュニケーションが可能であること(※研修講師、NEDOとの事前面談を実施)

  • NEDOの設定する国内研修及びシリコンバレー研修に原則として全日参加できること

  • 反社会的勢力またはそれに関わる者との関与がないこと




In order to be considered for NEDO's training programs in Japan and Silicon Valley, applicants must be:

  • utilizing technology in the fields of: environment, energy, electronics, information communications, IoT, biotechnology, healthcare, medical devices, mechanical systems, aerospace, robotics, materials, nanotechnology, etc. 

  • pursuing a technology venture with aspirations to expand their business nationally or internationally

  • proficient enough in English to create presentations and effectively communicate in English (preliminary interview will be held by lecturers and representatives of NEDO in English)

  • available to attend all days of the training

  • clean of any record of antisocial activity and free from any association with parties involved in illegal activities


*When the number of applications received exceed the predetermined capacity, screening will take place. Those with the most promising pre-interview results will be selected.

次回開催予定: 2023年夏~2024年冬

​お問い合わせはトップページのContact Informationからお願い致します。

Immersion Program 2017 Summer

Immersion Program Fall 2016

Immersion Program 2015

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