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Foresight Seminar #8

NEDO Silicon Valley hosted the 8th Foresight Seminar. We rediscovered the significance of water resources for both industry and human society and explored various water technologies to better utilize our precious water resources.

On behalf of the speakers and panelists, we would like to extend a warm thank you to those who joined us.


Informative Talk from Our Panelists

NEDO SV Foresight Seminars: Inventing the Future: Session 8

Innovation in Water Technology

October 23, 2023, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM PDT

Our wonderful panelists gave informative talks and offered insightful comments during our Q&A Session.


Aaron Tartakovsky, Co-founder and CEO, Epic Cleantec

Brendan McLoughlin, Vice President, Upwell Water

Peter Williams, Chair, ARISE-US, former IBM Big Green CTO

Neal Aronson, CEO, Oceanus Power and Water

Marianna Grossman (Moderator), USAsia Venture Partners -Sr. Consultant

Information on the next seminar (planned for November) will become available on Eventbrite next month. We hope to see you again soon!


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