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Chairman's Visit (VerdeXchange 2024 and LA, San Diego)

VerdeXchange 2024

NEDO members attended VerdeXchange 2024 in Los Angeles from May 12 to May 14.

On May 13, NEDO Chairman Tamotsu Saito made special remarks at the Luncheon Plenary.

Saito emphasized the importance of implementing climate change measures with a sense of urgency and stressed the importance of further cooperation between Japan and California in the field of energy and environment.

They also participated in the general meeting of the Japan Hydrogen Forum (JH2F), which consists of Japanese companies in the U.S. engaged in hydrogen-related activities,

and visited a demonstration project site related to fuel cell-based equipment and hydrogen supply chain at the Port of Los Angeles.

In addition, they visited a NEDO-supported facility related to redox flow batteries in San Diego and discussed emergency operations and V2G technologies with San Diego Gas & Electric (SDGE).


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