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Chairman's Visit (VerdeXchange 2023 and LA)

VerdeXchange 2023

NEDO members attended VerdeXchange 2023 in Los Angeles from April 30 to May 2.

On May 1, NEDO Chairman Tamotsu Saito made special remarks at the Luncheon Plenary: Moving Equitably from Policy Goals to Shovels in the Ground. Saito explained NEDO's efforts both in Japan and overseas, and emphasized the importance of further cooperation between Japan and California in the field of energy and environment.

NEDO Silicon Valley Office had a booth set up to greet visitors and discuss ways to collaborate on the green economy and the use of clean energy.


Discussions with Partners

Saito met with representatives from California Energy Commission and Japanese corporations working on energy and environmental issues.

Meeting with CEC

Saito met with California Energy Commission (CEC)'s Chair David Hochschild. NEDO and CEC exchanged ideas on the possibility of cooperation between the two organizations in the field of energy, specifically on projects related to floating wind power, grid stability, and heat pumps. CEC plays a crucial role in California promoting green energy, and the NEDO Chairman expressed his interest in continuing to working closely with CEC.

Saito also visited the following sites where companies are working on green energy projects.

Visit to Port of LA (Long Beach) where Toyota Tsusho America is conducting a zero-emissions hydrogen fuel demonstration

Visit to Iwatani's Hydrogen Station

Visit to Toyota USA's Gardena Campus (TMNA R&D California)


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