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56th CHIZAI (IP) Seminar

On June 13, we hosted a seminar titled “Navigating the Evolving Landscape of IP: Enablement of Claims in the Life Sciences / Design Patent Overview.” This event was part of the Bay Area CHIZAI (IP) Seminar Series.


Patricia Dyck

Tatsuya Sawada, Kenja IP Law PC

The IP field is constantly evolving in response to advancing technology and shifting legal and business landscape. To keep pace with these changes, IP practitioners continually update their knowledge of court decisions and best practices.

In this seminar, we invited two distinguished speakers to address key topics within the evolving IP landscape: life sciences and design patents.

Life Sciences: Enablement and Written Description Requirements

In the first part of the seminar, Patricia Dyck offered an in-depth discussion on the enablement and written description requirements in the life sciences area. She highlighted the key similarities and differences between the US and Japan, using recent US Supreme Court case and IP High Court case in Japan as starting points. Ms. Dyck's presentation delved into related court decisions and guidelines from both countries, offering insights into potential future directions for these requirements.

Design Patents: Trends and Best Practices

The second part of the seminar featured Tatsuya Sawada, who provided an insightful overview of design patents. He noted the significant increase in design patent applications in the US over the past decade and USPTO’s recent creation of design patent practitioner bar to further develop the IP ecosystem. Mr. Sawada discussed the advantages of filing design patents, shared practical tips, and covered recent updates in design patent practices.

Through this seminar, attendees gained valuable knowledge and engaged in great discussions with speakers.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our exceptional speakers for their enlightening presentations and to all attendees for their participation.

We hope to see you at our next event!


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