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51st CHIZAI (IP) Seminar

On December 1, NEDO Silicon Valley hosted a webinar titled “Exploring Open Source Technology: Insights from Experts.” This event was a part of the Bay Area CHIZAI (IP) Seminar Series.



Christina Qi

CEO, Databento

Harper Reed

Technologist, Entrepreneur, Former CEO of General Galactic Corporation

Kunihiro Nishimura

CEO, Xcoo, Inc.

Masato Endo

Group Manager, Value Chain Service and Technology Development, Technical Project Field of Advanced R&D and Engineering Company, Toyota Motor Corporation


The importance of leveraging open source is growing for companies in software development. As intellectual property (IP) professionals, you are likely to encounter inquiries from engineers seeking guidance on the management of open source IP. To address this, we have organized a two-part seminar series on Open Source with a focus on both technological and IP aspects.

In this first Open Source CHIZAI (IP) seminar, our emphasis was on technological aspects. Our distinguished guest speakers from fintech, software development, genomic analysis, and automobiles shared their insightful experiences on the significance of open source in their respective spaces and the powerful cases where it has been instrumental. They also provided observations from the perspectives of industries, startups, and software developers.

Through their presentations and discussions, the speakers highlighted successful use cases of maximizing advantages of open source. We discovered that it is crucial to understand why each company employs open source when delving into various IP and other considerations.

We extend a warm thank you to all those who attended and express our gratitude to our amazing speakers!

The next CHIZAI seminar will focus on IP perspectives on Open Source and will be held on December 18. Please find more details and register at

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!


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