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49th CHIZAI (IP) Seminar

On October 5, NEDO Silicon Valley hosted a webinar titled “IP Perspectives on Future Transportation.” This was a part of the Bay Area CHIZAI (IP) Seminar Series.


Kurt Brasch

Director of Patent Transactions at Uber & President of ATA

Olivia Tsai

Assistant General Counsel, Head of IP at Cruise & Secretary of ATA

Peggy Su

Head of Intellectual Property at Nuro & Treasurer of ATA

Dimitri Kirimis

Lead Counsel, Intellectual Property at Cruise

We are currently observing transformative shifts in the transportation landscape, marked by the introduction of novel mobility services and the advancement of autonomous vehicle technology.

In this CHIZAI (IP) seminar, we were honored to have four guest speakers who make up the leadership team of the Allied Transportation Association (ATA) collaborative IP group. The speakers introduced ATA's initiatives and offered insights drawn from their own experiences.

The members of the NEDO Silicon Valley Office would like to send a warm thank you to those who attended and express our gratitude to all of our amazing speakers!

We hope to see you at our next event!


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