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NEDO Chairman Gives Keynote Speech at VerdeXchange 2020

On January 27, 2020, NEDO Chairman ISHIZUKA Hiroaki gave a keynote speech at the 13th annual meeting of VerdeXchange, an international green market makers conference held in Los Angeles, California.
During his speech, Chairman Ishizuka introduced NEDO’s Comprehensive R&D Principle for Sustainable Society which will contribute to the Zero Emission Innovation Strategy approved by the Japanese government on January 21. He also introduced other NEDO activities including energy-related demonstration projects being carried out in the United States, a power-to-gas project being carried out in Fukushima Prefecture, and the Innovation for Cool Earth Forum, or ICEF, which is organized by NEDO in conjunction with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
In addition, Chairman Ishizuka expressed his expectation that the VerdeXchange offered an opportunity for Japan and the United States to collaborate on promoting innovation, and provided hope for finding ways to realize a sustainable circular society and mitigate climate change.

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