DC Fast Charging Project "DRIVEtheARC"

in Monterey to Lake Tahoe



DRIVEtheARC is a collaborative demonstration project between Japan, the US, and State of California that will encourage electric vehicle (EV) use and help California meet higher energy and environmental standards through expansion of an inter-city charging network and real-time information services.


Project seeks to enable long-distance EV trips and reduce “range anxiety by installing DC Fast chargers along highways. Station usage and EV traffic data will be analyzed for correlation between the deployment of DC fast chargers and EV driving behavior.


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EV drivers can conveniently access the DRIVEtheARC stations using a variety of payment methods and membership cards. The chargers can be activated using credit cards, EVgo Access Cards, EZ-Charge Cards and the DRIVEtheARC Smartphone App*.


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