Oct 16 2017 | Computer History Museum

Robotics Conference 2017

Time & Location

Oct 16 2017
Computer History Museum, 1401 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043 アメリカ合衆国

About the Event

From at-home assistants to driverless cars, robotics is poised to change our lives forever – and for the better! Join us this October at the Computer History museum for an action-packed day of discussions on this exciting game-changing industry. In addition to a sneak-peak at some of Japan’s incredible robotics technologies and innovation, you’ll also hear from some of Silicon Valley’s most amazing tech experts on the impact of robotics on everything from autonomous vehicles to automated agriculture to healthcare–and more. Sign up now! #RobotsRiseSV

This event is proudly presented in partnership with NEDO Silicon Valley.


henrik at de furu

Henrik Christensen

Prof. of Computer Science

UC San Diego

@hiskov Atsushi Yasuda

Dir., Robotics Policy Office


#METI Denyse Cardozo

Executive Director

Silicon Valley Forum

@SFDenyse Kazuo Furukawa




jun shin andra ed

Jun Yamada

Consul-General of Japan,

San Francisco



Shinnosuke Kameyama

Chief Representative

NEDO Silicon Valley


Andra Keay


Silicon Valley Robotics


Eduardo De Robbio

Global Business Development Manager - Fixed Robotics

Omron Adept Technologies


er ge carl frank

Eric Krotkov

Chief Science Officer

Toyota Research Institute

@ToyotaResearch George Kellerman

COO & General Partner

Yamaha Motor Ventures

@GeorgeKellerman Carl Vause


Soft Robotics

@carl_vause Frank Tobe

Founding Editor

The Robot Report


hiro nick andreas dma

Hiroshi Saijou

CEO & Managing Director

Yamaha Motor Ventures

@YamahaMotorUSA Nick Sugimoto


Honda Innovations


Andreas Raptopoulos

Cofounder and CEO


@andreasx Deborah Magid

Director, Software Strategy

IBM Venture Capital Group


gar drag steve patrick

Gareth Keane

Senior Investment Manager

Qualcomm Ventures

@garethkeane Dragos Maciuca

Technical Director – Palo Alto Research & Inno. Center

Ford Motor Company


Steve Taub

Managing Director, Advanced Manufacturing

GE Ventures


Patrick Sobalvarro

President and CEO

VEO Robotics


glenn shin chris tak

Glenn Schuster

Director of Technical Marketing


@nvidia Shin Sakane


Seven Dreamers Labs


Chris Kirchhoff


Defense Innovation Unit Experimental

#ChrisKirchhoff Takayuki Nakayama

Manager, Robotics and ICT

IHI Corporation


hidetaka sat yy kenta

Hidetaka Aoki

Partner in Charge of Space & Robotics

Global Brain Corporation


Satoshi Sugie




Yusuke Yasukawa

Project Coordinator


#NEDO Kenta Yasukawa




mitch rob nolan masato

Mitch Kitamura

Managing Director

Draper Nexus

@drapernexus Rob Coneybeer


Shasta Ventures

@robconeybeer Nolan Paul

Head of R&D Strategy and Emerging Technology


@driscollsberry Masato Iehara

General Manager

Mitsubishi Heavy Industry America Inc.


AS asdf mel paul

Rich Mahoney

CEO and Founder


@superflextech Shohei Hido

Chief Research Officer

Preferred Networks America

#ShoheiHido Melissa Ho

Mg. Dir, Silicon Valley Office

Dept. of Homeland Security


Paul Yeh

Founding Partner

Conductive Capital


brian dennis cory dr

Brian Goncher

Managing Director


@Deloitte Dennis Donohue

Chief Innovation Officer

Western Growers

@WesternGrowers Cory Kidd


Catalia Health


Dr. James Kuffner


Toyota Research Institute


nori kah el austin

Noriko Takiguchi

Managing Editor



Kah Seng Tay

VP of Engineering



Elana Lian

IoT Venture Cap. Investment

Intel Capital


Austin Badger

Vice President

Silicon Valley Bank


adsf asdf allison steve

Daniel Theobald


Vecna/Mass Robotics


Chetan Kapoor

Sr Dir, Tech Innovation

Yaskawa Innovation


Allison Okamura

Professor of Mechanical Eng.

Stanford University


Steve Cousins





subject to change

9:00 AM Registration, Networking, and Continental Breakfast

9:30 AM Welcome and Introductions

Kazuo Furukawa, Chairman, NEDO

Denyse Cardozo, Executive Director, Silicon Valley Forum

Shinnosuke Kameyama, Chief Representative, NEDO Silicon Valley

9:40 AM Opening Remarks

Jun Yamada, Consul General, Consulate-General of Japan in San Francisco

9:50 AM Opening Keynotes: An Overview of Robotics in the US and Japan

Henrik Christensen, Professor, of Computer Science, UCSD

Atsushi Yasuda, Director, Robotics Policy Office, METI

10:50 AM From Machine to Market: Building a Consumer Robotics Business

Building a sustainable business model around the robotics revolution.

Satoshi Sugie, Whiil

Shin Sakane, Seven Dreamers

Rich Mahoney, Superflex

Steve Cousins, Savioke

Cory Kidd, Catalia Health

Moderator: Andra Keay, Silicon Valley Robotics

11:35 AM Bots in the Boardroom: Opportunities for Corporations

Exploring robotics strategy & implementation at a corporate level

Eric Krotkov, Toyota Research Institute

Deborah Magid, IBM Venture Capital Group

Moderator: Brian Goncher, Deloitte

12:05 PM Retail Revolution: How Robots Will Change Retail

From automated warehouses to on-demand delivery

Andreas Raptopoulos, Matternet

Shohei Hido, Preferred Networks America

Takayuki Nakayama, IHI Corporation

Daniel Theobald, Vecna/Mass Robotics

Moderator: Noriko Takiguchi, The Robot Report


1:45 PM The Manufacturing Revolution: Automated Factories

Robots are revolutionizing everything from big jobs to detail work.

Hiro Saijou, Yamaha Motor Ventures

Steve Taub, GE Ventures

Patrick Sobalvarro, Veo Robotics

Chetan Kapoor, Yaskawa Innovation

Eduardo De Robbio, Omron Adept Technologies

Moderator: Frank Tobe, The Robot Report

2:25 PM Behind the Wheel: The Future of Mobility

The future of mobility with robots in the driver’s seat

Nick Sugimoto, Honda Innovations

Dragos Maciuca, Ford

Glenn Schuster, NVIDIA

Dr. James Kuffner, Toyota Research Institute

Kah Seng Tay, Drive.ai

Moderator: Robert Coneybeer, Shasta Ventures

3:05 PM Investment BOOM! The Rise of Robotics

Why investors are banking big on a robotics-driven future

Gareth Keane, Qualcomm Ventures

Mitch Kitamura, Draper Nexus

Hidetaka Aoki, Global Brain

Paul Yeh, Conductive Capital

Elana Lian, Intel Capital

Moderator: Austin Badger, Silicon Valley Bank


4:05 PM Mechanical Animals: The Future of Automated Agriculture

A view of the fields of the future

George Kellerman, Yamaha Motor Ventures

Nolan Paul, Driscoll’s

Kenta Yasukawa, Soracom

Carl Vause, Soft Robotics

Moderator: Dennis Donohue, Western Growers

4:45 PM Search and Rescue: How Robots are Changing Recovery & Relief

From airlifts to fire-fighting, robots are changing rescue efforts

Melissa Ho, Department of Homeland Security Silicon Valley

Masato Iehara, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry America, Inc.

Yusuke Yasukawa, NEDO

Allison Okamura, Stanford University

Moderator: Chris Kirchhoff, DIUX


Shinnosuke Kameyama, NEDO Silicon Valley

5:45 PM Networking and cocktail hour; prize raffle


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