NEDO Silicon Valley News Vol. 40 – Maui-NEDO Advanced Energy System Symposium 2018
Date: April 23, 2018

On March 13th, NEDO headquarter and Representative Office in Silicon Valley held the “Maui-NEDO Advanced Energy System Symposium 2018″ in Maui, Hawaii.

We moderated the symposium which featured opening remarks from Ms. Sharon M. Suzuki, President of Maui Electric.  A presentation by Mr. Luis P. Salveria, Director of Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism, highlighted the challenges of achieving a statewide 100% renewable portfolio standard(RPS) by 2045, and a presentation by Dr. Brennon T. Morioka, General Manager, Electrification of Transportation, Hawaiian Electric, explained electrification of mobility in Hawaii.

In addition to the demonstration project in Maui, NEDO is carrying out projects in California; Ontario, Canada; Putrajaya City, Malaysia; Niijima, Japan; and other sites around the world. The symposium allowed us to gather and exchange lively opinions beyond the frameworks of the projects.
On March 12th, to kick off the symposium, NEDO organized a technical tour highlighting unique energy related facilities in Maui.

Moderator, Shinnnosuke Kameyama, Chief Representative of NEDO Silicon Vally


Panel Session


NEDO Providing guided tours to the energy facilities