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About us | About us – NEDO Silicon Valley

About us




NEDO is Japan’s one of the largest national research and development organization established in 1980. NEDO operates under the supervision of Japan’s METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industries) to address domestic energy issues and global environmental issues, and to enhance industrial technology.


■ Domestic Energy and Global Environmental Issues

As Japan’s leading research and development organization, we actively undertake research and development of new energy (e.g., photovoltaic, wind power, biomass and waste, geothermal power, thermal utilization, and fuel cells) and energy conservation technologies. Through these efforts, we promote greater utilization of new energy solutions and improved energy conservation. We also contribute to stable energy supply and resolution of global environmental problems by promoting the demonstration of new energy solutions, energy conservation, and environmental technologies abroad based on the knowledge obtained from domestic projects.


■ Industrial Technology Development

With the aim of raising the level of industrial technology, we pursue research, development and commercialization of advanced new technology. Drawing on its considerable management know-how gathered through collaboration among industries, government and academia, we carry out projects to explore early stage technology seeds as well as mid to late stage technology that could form or redirect the future competitive industrial foundation.




1980 – New Energey Development Organization (NEDO) was established.

1982 – Alcohol production business activities were transferred from the government to NEDO.

1988 – Industrial technology research and development were added. The name was changed to New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization.

1993 – New Sunshine Project was started.

1996 – Coal Mine Damage Agency was integrated into NEDO. Coal mine damage compensation program was added.

2001 – Based on the abolition of the Alcohol Monopoly Law, alcohol sales operations were added.

2002 – Act on the Incorporated Administrative Agency New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization was promulgated.

2003 – Incorporated as an administrative agency, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization.

2006 – Alcohol production and sales operations were transferred to a special corporation outside of NEDO. Kyoto Mechanism Credit Acquisition Program was added.

2007 – Coal mine damage recovery transitional operation was completed.

2015 – Redesignated and renamed as a national research and development agency, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization.


Total number of personnel: Approximately 800 (as of April 1st, 2015)


Shinnosuke Kameyama
Shinnosuke Kameyama
Director General
Takuya Izumi
Takuya Izumi
Senior Director, Technology and IP
Kohsuke Ohba
Kohsuke Ohba
Sean Kagiyama
Sean Kagiyama
Program Manager, Energy & Environment
Mariko Autrey
Mariko Autrey
Office Manager
Kozue Hashimoto